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These great associations and organizations have a vast amount of resources about our grooming industry and the services we provide to our clientele. Feel free to browse these resources to see why the staff at Central Bark follows industry established guidelines and embarks into continuing education programs.

Canadian Professional Pet Stylists

Canadian Professional Pet Stylists is an organization of groomers proud to be our own governing and registration body that holds it's members to the highest standards and ethics. We are a certifying organization with a common goal of Canadians educating and certifying Canadians.

International Professional Groomers Inc

It is the viewpoint of IPG through the cumulative efforts of professional groomer's worldwide to establish clear standards of excellence within the industry.

Ontario Dog Groomers Association

It is the goal of the ODGA to provide continuing education programs designed to educate and enhance the expertise of professional pet groomers. Voluntary certification programs are promoted and consumer awareness programs are designed to educate the general public about the care and humane treatment of animals.

National Cat Groomers Institute of America Inc 

The NCGIA's primary goal is to maintain feline grooming standards within the pet grooming industry. To assist groomers around the world in meeting those standards, the NCGIA offers training through hands-on instruction, video, lecture, and written material. Certification is earned upon completion of exams that have been created to meet those standards.

National Association of Professional Creative Groomers 

The NAPCG was founded to provide groomers with the necessary information to understand and effectively utilize creative grooming techniques without compromising the comfort or safety of the animal involved. While NAPCG benefits groomers, we serve animals as we promote safety and quality in creative grooming by defining and supporting standards of excellence for the grooming industry.

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