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logo NAPCGAll creative grooming products used at Central Bark have been researched and are approved for use on pets by NAPCG. We do not use any type of bleach or oxidizing dye, we use a pet safe semi-permanent dye. The pigment molecules penetrate the cuticle and absorb into the cortex…and they sit there. There are no chemical reactions, no damage to the coat, and no toxic fumes. While the product does stain the epidermis, they do not penetrate the dermis or hypodermis. Creative grooming is safe for pets, as long as it is performed by an educated groomer using proper products.

  • Hair Tattoos $Hourly Rate
  • Feather extensions $5
  • Pawlish$8
  • Hair extensions $10
  • Diamond studs $2
  • Stenciled color $5
  • Semi-perm color $10+
  • Highlights $12+
  • Full/Partial color $Hourly Rate

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Central Bark Pet Grooming

We are full service pet grooming salon for pet lovers who put their pet's health first. We are firm believers in pet health care, with a strong medical background, and in making sure each pet is cared for in the best possible way.

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